Limited Edition Pens

Procured some extremely limited edition pens from Mont Blanc, including high artistry collection
Meisterstuck Purdey (Bear) Limited Edition 81
Rudyard Kipling 1895 Writers Edition (2019)
Patron of Art Homage to Napoleon Bonaparte 888 (2020)
Writers edition Homage to Victor Hugo Limited edition 1831
Great Characters Elvis Presley 1935 Limited edition

Exclusive Vehicles

Have procured exclusive vehicles (with all regulated & compliant modifications for government and government agencies including Police department, Fisheries, Fire department etc)

Custom Products

Have custom designed, personalised and delivered exclusive products to private and government clients - including high end laser engraved luxury pens, custom designed decal helmets for bike riders, Logo painted wall art etc.

Personalised Gifts And Artworks

Fully customizable (including size, theme, materials etc) hand-crafted artwork as gifts for Weddings, new homes, religious events, memorabilia etc

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